LIR services

If your organisation needs IP address space and AS Numbers or needs to transfer IPv4 space you have to use the support of a sponsoring LIR-RIPE NCC memeber. The RIPE NCC service area covers Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.

TSBG Hosting Ltd. is a Local Internet Registrar (LIR), member of RIPE-NCC and can assit you in this process.

Moreover, throuout our LIR portal we can can access RIPE NCC IPv4 Transfer Listing Service. IPv4 Transfer Listing Service is a platform that enables RIPE NCC members to list and exchange the IPv4 address space they hold and no longer need. This service is intended for offering LIRs to post specific resources for transfer, which can be authenticated via RIPE NCC system.

Members of our specially trained staff passed acreditation exam and became RIPE NCC Certified Professional. You can verify our digital badge online here.

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